Sudbury's Assisted Living Community
Family Owned and Operated for Over 15 Years
Services Packages: Tailored for the Individual’s Needs
All Packages Include:

• Routine Resident Safety Checks.
• Access to the Wellness Office for Consultation on blood pressure, weight
  and pulse. Telehealth Kiosk  to monitor health parameters available to all.
• Wellness Seminars, including Fitness Classes, Tai Chi, Stretch Class,
  Chair exercise and Zumba provided by trained personnel.
• Weekly apartment cleaning with changing and laundering of bed linens.
• Utilities, landscaping and snow removal.
• Daily bed making and trash removal.
• Three nutritious and home cooked meals.
• Scheduled transportation to medical appointments, weekly shopping trip, and numerous outings.
• Maintenance and upkeep.
• Social, Educational and Cultural Programs.
• 4 visiting religious programs.
• 24 hour on site staff.
• Personal emergency system with three contact options.
• Activity Center and resident computer.
• "Welcome Escorts" to meals and activities, first two weeks.

"Stay Independent" Package
Included in the Monthly Service Fee.
This resident is actively involved in the completion of their bathing, dressing and grooming. This resident may need some assistance with a shower or other personal care up to four times a week, however, on the remaining days, the resident is able to navigate independently. Medication reminders are available.

For example:
        •     Assist with showering, dressing or bathing up to four times per week
        •     One Safety Check (midnight to 8am)
        •     Escorts 2 times per day - your choice
        •     Welcome Escorts, first two weeks
Not to exceed 6 hours of service weekly*

"Supportive Light" Package
This resident requires a little additional care with A.D.L.'s over the 6 hours per week covered in the "Stay Independent" Package on a non-permanent or occasional basis. This package is a cost conscious way to tailor assistance for the individual who, due to their level of independence, does not require assistance covered in the following two Supportive Packages.

Increments of $30/ HOUR

"Supportive" Package Add $1300.00/month
This resident participates in their bathing, dressing, and grooming, but needs some assistance daily to complete these tasks. This resident is unable to function totally independently during a day. This assistance may include cueing, as well as physical assistance to complete personal care tasks.

        •     The "Stay Independent" Package
        •     Additional assistance with bathing
        •     Assist with dressing and grooming
        •     Daily apartment tidying
        •     Personal laundry one load four times per month
        •     One additional safety check
        •     Escorts 2 times per day / your choice
Not to exceed 10 hours of service weekly*

"Supportive Plus" Package Add $1950.00/month
In addition to the daily assistance with bathing, dressing and grooming, this resident requires escorts to meals and activities. Assistance with toileting may also be needed on a regularly scheduled basis, to help maintain the resident continent. Accidents can happen, and assistance during these occasional episodes is available within this package.
        •     The "Supportive" Package
        •     One additional safety check
        •     Escorts to all meals and desired activities
        •     Transfers (one person assist)
        •     Scheduled and occasional unscheduled toileting program
        •     Routine Scheduled safety checks
Not to exceed 15 hours of service weekly*

Also Available: SAMM program - Self Administered Medication Management.

LMA - Limited Medication Assistance.

Community Continuum of Care
        •     2 Skilled Nursing Facilities within 5 miles for rehabilitation.
        •     Emerson Medical at Chiswick Park within 1 mile for P.C.P's, coumadin & bone density labs, MRI, &
        •     Appointments via Orchard Hill's scheduled transportation.
        •     Geriatric Dentist within 2 miles. Appointments via scheduled transportation. In-House dental hygienist               appointments.
        •     In house concierge Physician available.

*Please note as individuals age they may exhibit signs of dementia/behavioral changes. These changes may necessitate increased attention by Orchard Hill Staff for the Resident's safety and well being (including redirection within the Community, and increased visits to their apartment). These additional services may place a Resident over the six hours of included service weekly.

Available: Visiting MD, Geriatric Psych MD, Blood Pressure Nurse, PT, OT, VNA.

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