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Donna G

After visiting a couple of assisted living facilities in the area, my Dad decided he really liked the feeling at Orchard Hill the best. He has now been living there 6 months and we are both positive it was the right decision. He is the happiest he has been in well over 10 years and feels a strong sense of community and caring at Orchard Hill. Dad is taking full advantage of all the activities, whether it's playing bingo or another game with his neighbors, visiting a museum or attending a jazz concert - and most of all, he LOVES it! He has been more active in the past 6 months than he has in the last decade... honestly. All the staff members are friendly and truly care about the residents


Phylis F

To all our friends at Orchard Hill,

Thank you so much for all the love, care and friendship you gave to Mother during these past five years.  She would often tell me that she was in the right place.  Orchard Hill was a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, but you welcomed her with enthusiasm and made her feel comfortable and at home.  I wish you all good health and happy times.

Phyllis F.


Henry and Rita B

Rita and I could not have made a better decision than to move from a previous assisted living residence to Orchard Hill. We are enjoying it very much. The staff is always available to help you and make your day so pleasant. There are activities every day, all day for one to enjoy. The apartment is spacious and what we liked most of all is the great meals they serve. We also like the ability to cook ourselves in our apartment or in the country kitchen. Orchard Hill has a resident computer that I use every day to e-mail and surf the web. Rita and I tell everyone, Orchard Hill is like a country inn. We are looking forward to many more years here!

- Henry and Rita B, resident

Doris D

After my mother recuperated from a fall, we realized that she could no longer live alone and would need assistance. We started to look around the area and investigated several assisted living centers. After looking at all of the pros and cons of the ones we selected, we decided that Orchard Hill was the best Assisted Living for Mom.

We sat down with some of the staff and discussed the move and costs. The management gave us a tour and talked about the opportunities that would be available to assist her in her new home. Everything from the setting, personal care, entertainment, dining, and outside trips were discussed. Their acute understanding of this difficult move and the assistance that they provided was extremely helpful in our decision.

After evaluating all of the assisted living residences in the area, we made the decision that Orchard Hill would be the best for our Mother.

- Bob D, son

Alex G

About four years ago it became obvious that my mother should no longer be living on her own.  She was alone in her apartment, was not eating well, and her social world was becoming smaller. Her idea of socializing was to have me take her to the grocery store, where we purchased her food, and she would chat with the employees!

I visited several assisted living facilities which were nice, but it wasn't until I walked into Orchard Hill that I found what I wanted for my mother - a place that felt like home.

I met with Katie Sullivan, the Marketing Director, took the full tour and met some of the staff, all of whom were very welcoming.  We arranged for my mother and me to have lunch at Orchard Hill.  I wasn't sure how she would react, but she sealed the deal when she declared Katie "a doll" and Orchard Hill, "a very nice place", high praise from Mom.  I knew that this would be home for mom after that day because I felt that this was a place that would really care for my mother. Perhaps her social world could open up with all of the activities that they offered.

For the first three years she lived there, my mother required the basic services.  She was ambulatory, went on many field trips, participated in a wide variety of activities that Orchard Hill had to offer and was very content.  We were so pleased, that we recommended Orchard Hill to Mom's best friend and she moved in too.  They were inseparable and could often be found in the parlor, usually laughing about something with the other residents.  They especially looked forward to musical entertainment, and the afternoon socials; they could always be counted on to sing along or to enjoy a homemade smoothie on a hot afternoon. 

As my mother became more frail and needed more care, I really got a feel for how much some of the residents, now including my Mom, depend upon the aides who provided her daily personal care.  They were very tolerant, calm and caring towards a woman who had become quite feisty. When recently it became apparent that my mother needed to go to a S.N.F., I asked the Executive Director at Orchard Hill for a recommendation; It's nice, the care is excellent, for that I am grateful, but it's not home and we both know the difference. 

I became quite attached to the staff at Orchard Hill and I will miss them as I know Mom does.

Alex G. daughter

Virginia M

Recently, my mother fell and injured herself and after rehabilitation she needed some additional assistance. Although this was a bit overwhelming at first, she already had a short list of assisted living facilities she was interested in and after visiting Orchard Hill I knew this was a place where she could be happy and safe. At first, she had a feeling of anxiety and being overwhelmed by moving to a new place and meeting new people - yet after a short time, she seemed more comfortable and was sleeping well and worrying less.

Now after a few months, she has taken up a number of different activities and whether it's listening to someone play the piano or going to a morning exercise class, I know she is in good hands.

The professionals at Orchard Hill were helpful and understanding to both my mother and her family as we all went through this transition. At every turn, someone was there to hold my hand through the paperwork process and understanding the capabilities the facility has to offer. Now mom has a new home and it's Orchard Hill!

- David M, son

Gerald H

I am a 90 year-old Navy survivor of the Japanese attack inside Pearl Harbor watching the sinking of my ship the USS Oklahoma with 429 former shipmates being killed. Luck has been with me. I have reached the stage (90 years on 3/13/2011) where I did not relish the problems of caring for my home in Framingham.

Consequently, my sons (I have 3) got me interested in looking at senior homes. We looked at quite a few and found the Best one being Orchard Hill at Sudbury.

Its beauty, how it has been planned, laid out for convenient living, the family atmosphere that prevails and the excellent attention that the staff gives to you even to the point of calling you by your first name giving you the feeling that you have become part of a family.

The service at Orchard Hill is excellent. It is spotlessly clean. If my Dad or Mother were living today, I would feel that there is no better place for them to go than to Orchard Hill.

I have recommended Orchard Hill to a college classmate, who is showing considerable interest in visiting here after recovering from surgery.

- Gerald H, resident

Earl B

I am so glad we found Orchard Hill and that we were able to work out a way for earl to live in such a nice place with such wonderful residents and staff. I was so pleased that the staff took the time to engage him in small tasks that he could undertake that gave him a sense of purpose. The many kindnesses that the staff bestowed on my father reinforced that we had made the right decision in choosing Orchard Hill. It was not the closest to our family in proximity, but as soon as my dad toured Orchard Hill, he knew this is where he wanted to live. We are very grateful to everyone at Orchard Hill.

- Steve B, son

Connie D

After research and visits to area assisted living residences, my mother and I selected Orchard Hill as her new home for many reasons. The comfortable and homey surroundings, excellent dining options, and small size were all important to us, and Orchard Hill always shined in this regard. However, we found that after 5 years of my mother's residency at Orchard Hill, that it was very clear that the most important factor was the caring staff, many of whom became her friend and kept her welfare always at heart. Thank you to all of you at Orchard Hill.

- Kathy D, daughter

Virginia G

What appealed to us from the beginning was the friendliness and caring nature of the staff and their willingness to assist in any way, the attractiveness and cleanliness of the residence, the size of Orchard Hill, the activities, the pleasant dining experience and wonderful food, all the parties the staff orchestrated with the residents and their families, birthday celebrations, seasonal decorations etc!!! There is just so much about Orchard Hill that is superior. From the first day that my mother moved in she was welcomed and watched over, in particular until she made the adjustment to her new home, luckily a process that took no time at all!

- Sue R, daughter
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