There are approximately 835,000 Americans residing in Assisted Living Communities nationwide.  The majority of these residents are over the age of 85 and are outliving the average life expectancy in the United States of 78.  In Massachusetts, 59% of these Assisted Living residents are over the age of 85 and Assisted Living Communities account for $61,000,000 in state/local and $125,000,000 in federal tax revenues.  Currently, there are over 300 Assisted Living providers servicing 13,600 residents in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Generally, seniors and their families, choose Assisted Living due to a need that can no longer be safely met at home.  The primary need for choosing a community is for help with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s); bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, transferring and eating.  Not only do these Communities provide much needed ADL help, they are also a source of socialization and nutritional consistency. Most Communities provide care coordination as well, often enlisting the help of partners to enhance services to their Residents. It is not unusual for Communities to partner with visiting nurses, occupational and physical therapies, podiatry, pharmacy, counseling, dental, medical transportation, hospice and primary care services on site, making Assisted Living attractive to families who may not be local enough to manage the ongoing medical needs of their loved ones.  Typical services that Assisted Living Communities do provide are: 24-hour supervision and assistance, exercise and wellness programs, housekeeping, maintenance, meals, medication management, transportation and personal care services for ADL’s. Cost should also be a consideration in choosing an Assisted Living; the average cost in the metropolitan region of Boston, is $6,200 per month. Residents can offset the cost of Assisted Living utilizing Veteran’s Benefits, Long Term Care Insurance, Pensions and Investments.  When researching Communities, ask about “Affordable” options and programs in which they participate and you may qualify. For more resources about Massachusetts Assisted Living: and National information

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