Orchard Hill FAQ

Answers to common questions about living at Orchard Hill
General Questions
  1. Who owns Orchard Hill at Sudbury?
    Clifford Hughes, owns and operates Orchard Hill at Sudbury. He developed the community 18 years ago and the corporate structure is known as Drumlin Development LLC.
  2. Do you require a lease to be signed?
    Yes, we have a Residency and Service Agreement. Residents can cancel the agreement by giving a 60-day cancellation notice.
  3. Do you provide any apartments on an ‘affordable’ basis?
    Orchard Hill provides 9 affordable assisted living units. Residents who qualify for an affordable assisted living apartment pay a reduced rate from typical market pricing levels. The affordable apartment rent is based upon state and federal guidelines. Orchard Hill offers services at a reduced rate to these affordable units, or residents may coordinate and arrange for alternative services, as necessary. See our Finance Programs page for more information.
  4. Is there a place to park my car?
    Yes, there are reserved parking spaces specifically for those residents who drive.
  5. Is smoking permitted?
    No, Orchard Hill is a non-smoking community.
  6. Can we have pets?
    Yes, your pet is allowed to move in with you, at the Executive Directors’ discretion.
  7. Do you have an entrance or membership fee?
    Orchard Hill has a one-time Community Fee. The Fee covers a Nursing Assessment and individualized service plan coordination, new resident orientation, administrative preparation and refurbishing of apartments.
  8. Do you have a beauty salon and barbershop?
    Yes, there is a licensed Hairstylist who schedules individual appointments.
About Care
  1. Is there medical supervision at Orchard Hill?
    Orchard Hill has a Resident Care Director, along with a Wellness Nurse, providing seven day per week nursing oversight. Additionally, there are Resident Care Associates available 24 hours per day providing direct personal care for each resident.
  2. How much personal care assistance is provided at Orchard Hill?
    Up to 6 hours per week of personal care is provided and included in the monthly fee, and, if necessary, additional personal care can be provided for an additional charge.
  3. Is assistance with medication available?
    Yes, Self-Administered Medication Management (SAMM) as well as our specialized program of Limited Medication Assistance (LMA) is offered for an additional fee.
  4. Does Orchard Hill provide Medical Transportation to Doctor’s appointments?
    Yes, we provide medical transportation in our beautiful van, on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays within a ten (10) mile radius of Orchard Hill.
  5. Are emergency pendants available?
    Yes, personal emergency pendants are available and provided to all residents and are included in their monthly fee, and are answered by staff on duty 24 hours a day.
  6. Do you allow wheelchairs?
    Yes, manual and electric wheelchairs as well as scooters are allowed. The apartments are wheelchair accessible and the building was designed to meet ADA standards.
About Dining Services & Programing
  1. Do you cater to special diets?
    We have a consultant dietician available to assist our chef with special diets ordered by a physician.  We will make every effort to prepare meals that adhere to the residents’ dietary restrictions.  We do, however, expect our residents to monitor their own diets.
  2. What types of Activities does Orchard Hill provide?
    Orchard Hill has a vibrant Activity program that encompasses social, educational, physical and cultural events. We also regularly schedule outings and trips to create wonderful experiences for our residents. Weekly errands to supermarkets, pharmacies and retail stores also allow for our residents to have a continued sense of independence.
About Security
  1. What kind of security do you have?
    Residents will be provided with a personal emergency pendant when they enter Orchard Hill answered by staff on duty 24-hours a day. Orchard Hill also employs automatic door alarms located throughout the property and is equipped with security cameras and automatic location alert to the Director and the owner.
  2. What happens if Orchard Hill loses power?
    Orchard Hill is equipped with an emergency generator to provide temporary power to keep our residents safe and warm.
  3. Are emergency pendants available?
    Yes, personal emergency pendants are available and provided to all residents and are included in thier monthly fee, and are answered by staff on duty 24 hours a day.
About the Apartments
    1. Who pays for utilities?
      All utilities, except for telephone and cable service, are included in the monthly fee.
      Comcast is our cable access provider and we arrange for cable and telephone hook-up as well as take care of any service issues. We pass along our bulk discount to the residents. Internet access is available through Comcast directly.
    2. Are there kitchens in each apartment so that the resident can cook if they choose?
      Each apartment has a granite-counter kitchenette equipped with a stainless steel microwave, an electric cook top and a refrigerator-freezer.
    3. Do you have laundry services?
      There are complimentary laundry rooms on each floor for the convenience of the residents. If you wish, we will wash, dry and fold your personal laundry for a modest charge per load. Linen service of your sheets and towels is already included in the your monthly fee.
    4. What about housekeeping services?
      Housekeeping services are included as a standard service, at no additional cost, we provide weekly vacuuming, dusting and cleaning of bathroom and kitchen, plus a change of the bed linens and daily trash removal.